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English fizz: sparkling wine from England & Wales

English sparkling wine can now be counted amongst the finest fizz in the world. Produced from grapes grown in English vineyards, it's known colloquially as 'English fizz'.

Vineyards can be found all over the UK but the term 'English fizz' helps differentiate the fine wines produced from these grapes from that known as British wine, made from imported grape concentrate and generally thought to be inferior.

Some of the finest examples of English sparkling wine are from vineyards in the south of the country, particularly Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Cornwall but each year wines made all around the UK are winning awards and growing in popularity. 

So in years to come, asking for a glass of English fizz, Welsh fizz, Sussex fizz or Surrey fizz will be just as likely as ordering a glass of champagne, prosecco or cava.  Here's to English fizz - cheers!

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The 'Reviews' page showcases some great English fizz from Sussex and beyond.

If you like what you see, click through to our amazing friends at the multi-award winning Taurus Wines in Surrey. 

Or visit them in person - they stock a huge range of seriously good wines and fizz from around the world, for all cellars and celebrations.

Taurus Wines - The Surrey & Sussex Wine Specialists

fizz fɪz/ verb

  1. 1. (of a liquid) produce bubbles of gas and make a hissing sound. "As the last drop of English fizz left the bottle, the liquid was still fizzing at the top of the glass" synonyms: effervesce, sparkle, bubble;


  1. 1. the quality of being fizzy; effervescence. "The English sparkling wine had lost none of its fizz"

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14 July 2017 - English sparkling wine from Cornish estate Camel Valley was on the menu at the state banquet held in honour of the King and Queen of Spain this week.


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